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Transportation Services

Reliable Transport services (RTS) extends its expert transportation service through its flatbed carriers and extensive network of tactical terminals across the nation.

With its broad offerings of Step Deck Trailers, Removable Gooseneck Trailer, Lowboy Trailers, Dry Vans, Power Only, Flatbed Stretch Trailer, Extendable Double Drop Trailers, Refrigerated, Conestoga, Heavy Haul, Sidekit, Lowboy Trailers, Stretch Removable Gooseneck Trailer and Over Dimensional freight trailers, RTS has been prominently establishing itself as the largest flatbed carriers provider.

To proactively put forward a solution to every viable need of the customers, RTS also renders specialised trailers like semi-low-loaders, low-loaders and platform trailers that are flexible enough to be scaled as desired and extendable between two to four times of what is offered.

Maintenance Works

Our service commences with the delivery of our products and continues with maintenance of these vehicles for their smooth ongoing operations. We ensure that our customers gain the best value for money they pay and get gratified by our maintenance solutions.

With the help of trained and technically sound staff, RTS provides complete support throughout the lifecycle of its fleet of carriers with its world class maintenance standards that proffers safety, reliability and consistent performance.

By periodic servicing, component replacement, and rejuvenating the existing parts and the vehicle, we guarantee noteworthy and remarkable performance and protection.

General Contracting

We understand the significance of all your projects, timelines, coordination and budget constraints.

Partnership and relationships with all your contractors is very crucial to your work and performance. To simplify all these, we come up with our general contracting solutions of renting out our fleet suitable for your project requirements that reduces your efforts of all coordination and executions through our varied range of trucks and trailers.

Leveraging our systems you can be assured of reduced efforts and budgets as we provide the best vehicles maintained to a very high quality and performance at very competitive and compelling prices.

Sewage Water Removal

Waste water cleaning and hygiene management is our area of expertise where we assure you of our speedy and satisfactory performance in case of any waste water management requirement. Our high class sewage tankers and intense customer service standards would never render you in an unsatisfactory state. Our technicians and staff members are trained to get your workplace or home to its original state in no time using our latest and updated tanker fleets.

Sea Water Supply

With our varied range of services and products, we cater to other crucial needs of your projects. We bring to you the seawater supply for your construction sites at your place and at a time convenient to you. Our huge fleet of tankers with huge capacities can cater to any amount of our customer’s requirement. We help you control your operations and fulfil your industrial and construction requirements through our well placed systems and procedures.

Drinking Water Supply

Our standardised tankers with improved and best insulation techniques maintain the highest quality of drinking water transported to the customer’s doorstep at various locations. These tanks are disinfected and sanitized regularly to provide safe and healthy water, maintaining ideal and constant temperature conditions inside the tanks. Our comprehensive ranges of tankers are capable of satisfying any type and amount of water demand to commercial and industrial sectors.